Worried that my story will be taken down

So my story has a similar theme as another story on episode, and someone just sent me a fanmail saying they reported it. I’m really worried now. :face_with_head_bandage:

What can I do to make sure it doesn’t get taken down?

The characters are not the same as the characters from the other story. The plot is different even though there is a similar theme. But I mean, what about all the mafia and vampire stories? They all have the same theme. And I really wasn’t trying to copy anyone.

Should I archive it or something? I really love my story and don’t want to stop writing it. It almost reached rank 100 last night in romance (it was like 101, pretty close), and now I’m worried if episode reads it and reviews it, it’ll get taken down. I’m already so invested in it, lol, I have a huge plot planned out with lots of twists.


i dont see why they would report it


i mean alot of people copy the same consept of outher stories.


There needs to be direct evidence that someone has gone out of their way to steal/copy/take the exact plot from a story. You having a similiar idea won’t get it taken down.


I don’t think it will get taken down, there’s a lot of “similar” stories.

as long as it’s not straight out coping another story (like same lines and character personalities) then it shouldn’t be a problem.

people do end up having similar plots and ideas but there’s a difference between that and strait out coping another story.


I don’t think it should be taken down.
Unless the story has the exact same character traits, exact same lines, like almost everything is the same, then the story will be taken down.
I don’t think it will be taken down just because it has the same theme.


Don’t worry I don’t think it would be taken down. There are so many similar stories like vampire, mafia, teen pregnancies etc. There is no actual evidence of stealing someone’s concept.


This is my biggest fear while writing a story. I don’t want to copy anyone but at the same time, I don’t feel like I can be creative enough because of the guidelines (I’m not complaining but sometimes I will like to touch darker themes) so I stick to what’s been used in other stories (Mafia, murder without being graphic, etc).

haterrrrs lmao.
just take it with a grain of salt. episode will contact you if it even gets to that level. they will need evidence. that person is just shitting on you bc you’re a new author, and they know you’re more likely to be hurt by that type of criticism when you’re new.


I don’t understand why someone would report your story. But all I know is that episode can do anything they want with our stories. Also, maybe they won’t even care about this? I mean they have a lot of other things to do and once a lot of people (idk around how much) reported a story and it didn’t get down so, there is still hope!

HEyyy nooo!! Dont do that!!!
Your story is awesomee!! :heart_eyes:
Please don’t believe him/her who reported. I think he/she was just jealous cuz there were some awesome minigames…and the characters are awesome…and maybe he/she just couldn’t accept it…
Please dont archive or delete it…!! :pleading_face:


Aww, okay thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think your story will be fine. I don’t think they would take down a story for having a similar theme because a lot of stories on episode have similar themes.

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Quick question - would episode send me an email if there’s any kind of guidelines violation in my story?

Or would they simply remove it from the trending section?

It’s just that, in the writer’s portal it’s showing up as trending #133 in romance, but when I scroll through the romance section, I no longer see it at all.
I still see it show up in the overall trending section… but now I’m worried that maybe it was hidden from the genre section for some reason?
Does episode usually let authors know if they hide their stories?


They would let u knw, when they review a story, if there’s an issue, they email u to tell u what to correct. However, if ur worried contact episode by sending in a ticket. When a story’s reported, they review it, ur story’s probably not been reviewed yet, that’s y it’s not showing up. (That’s what someone told me, at least) :white_heart:

It used to show up before, like yesterday. But now for some reason it doesn’t show up in the romance section anymore. It shows up in the overall trending at #263 or something… but for some reason not in the romance section at all, even though it’s #133.

First, make sure you copy and paste your script somewhere safe. Im sure it wont get taken down, they are probably just trying to scare you

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Oh, maybe the rank has dropped?

I’ve been refreshing the rank, and it’s still at 133. And it shows up in the overall trending, but not in romance, which is weird… because in the overall trending it’s at 263.

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Okay, now I’m a bit worried :sweat_smile:
I guess I should just send a support ticket. If they took it off the genre trending section intentionally (which I think they might have), then I’d want to know if there’s anything I can do to fix it.
I guess if they’ve already seen it and haven’t deleted it completely, there’s still hope, lol. Maybe they took it down because of the monster fighting game :sweat_smile:

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