Worries about my Story and it's Genre


Hey everyone!
So my story, Just an Average Girl, first seems like a fantasy story. However, at the end, everything is explained by different science theories.
At first I loved that, but now I thought that for some ‘not very smart’ people it would be very confusing.
I’m not going to change anything, but I just wanted to know what do you think about this? Do you think it would confuse too much readers?

(I hope this is right category)


Add reader message to scenes you may need a little explaining for maybe like definitions to words you think people might not know things like that but don’t change it stick to it. Is it out yet?


I think this depends on the length of the story, if it is really long (more than 50 episodes) people might be confused because they forgot what happened in the first episodes.


Thank you for suggestion, but the thing is that at the end, everything supposed to be fantasy (like mind reading) is scientifically explained. There won’t be any hard-to-understand words.

And yeah it’s out.


It will have 13 episodes and epilouge, but nothing from first episodes will be so important that you need to remember it to understand important.


Then I thank it would be fine. Will you post line I want to read it.


It’s not finished, I wanted to make sure before I finish it.
And it’s not only one line.


I think she meant link :heart: and as suggested, a readerMessage would be brilliant to add. For further explanation, you can provide author notes specifying what the theories mean in layman’s terms at the end of the chapters these theories are mentioned!

Also, for the theories - is it okay, if you could provide an example of one of your explanations please?


Okay, thanks!

So the dialog:
YOU: But what about mind reading?
HIM: You know, people are more connected than we think. We can radiate energy, like electric pulses, which can tell others our thoughts. If you believe in it, you can do anything. Like placebo.

It will be something like this, and for more things.


Ah I think that is really well-explained and perhaps with the term placebo you could provide a little readerMessage explaining that. However, I think it is fine from what I have read :blush:


Okay, thanks!


Oh, and I thought the confusion would be because there will be so much explanations. There will be about 4 more like that one.


Ah, I see - perhaps to avoid spoilers for some potential readers, do you want to PM me the explanations and I can see if they’re okay? :heart: