Worst or most embarrassing bets you have lost?

So i’ve posted this in a couple of places now but I would like to know if anyone has a more embarrassing and funny story to share than me?

So hear goes… haha

Okay I’m not usually one to share embarrassing stories but this one is happening to me right now and i have to share it lol…

Okay so recently I was debating with my girlfriend who is smarter males or females… I was very adamant males were smarter, so we settled it with a bet. If she could beat me in a game of trivial pursuit I’d have dress however she wanted me to for a week.

I was winning for most of it and I gloated the whole way lol… “guys are so much smarter”.
Anyways she ended up winning, claiming females or far superior to males.

So upon winning she decided I should dress like a female business woman for the week :open_mouth:
SOOOO this is what she has done…

  • I have to wear my hair in donut bun every day of the week (my hair is long)
  • Have to have my make up done in the mornings
  • I can’t wear deodorant, I have to wear perfume.
  • I had to get my nails and lashes professionally done (happened today!!)
  • I have to wear hoop earrings for the whole week

She also gets to choose my outfits, today I wore a white button up blouse, black skirt, and stockings with hoop earrings and my hair up in a donut bun :open_mouth:
I hate having to get up early to do my hair and make up now!

I’ve never been so embarrassed!! I’ve got 5 days left of this btw!

She said that’ll teach you to gloat over males being smarter than females, at least you look smart now :wink:


Dang :rofl: That’s what you get. Jkjk

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I look in the mirror and actually think I look like a woman! I have to work like this lol

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Off to Christmas lunch again dressed like a business woman, took over an hour just do my hair… I’m so over this! haha :cry:

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Should of just gone along with what she said :joy:

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I really should have :joy: my hair has so many bobby pins in it and she’s made me wear red lipstick! its ridiculous… and the perfume she’s making me wear is so overpowering!

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Damn, wish my life was that adventurous LmfaoOO


:skull::skull: rip

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I dunno, I literally take 2 hours to get ready in morning now… my girlfriend keeps telling me to hurry up haha
It’s more humiliating than adventurous :cry: :joy:


Lmfaooo she snaps :relieved: okay deadass imagine living that life-
Can’t relate we boring asf


oh wow i would cry if that happend to me lool

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I get a lot of looks, i had one girl compliment me on my hair at least ‘‘oh my gosh, i love it, i wish more guys would rock this look’’ she said. RN wearing a dress feels so strange!!

Oh yeah she snaps haha
This is all sooo much effort lol

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:joy: how does it feel being a girl doe

I’m not a girl!!! hmphhh

wow tell you’re girlfriend that i rate her haha

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LOVING the attitude :relieved: bOI u better do a few hair flips and show off to people

But the mirror tells another story… :cry:
I literally look like one!
I do look fucking cute tho :heart_eyes:
I think the worst part is she goes every hour ''don’t forget to re apply your lipstick and do your lashes honey :lipstick:

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yessss!! honestly haha

your girlfriend is savage af

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