Worst Period Experiences 😶

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Okay, so today I got my period for the first time (I’m 13) it’s shocking knowing people who got theirs at like age 8 sooo um yeah. Anyways, I don’t like it… like i’m not triggered since I have a mum and 2 older sisters so i’m not lik “ohmygosh what do I do!!!” but yeah.

Before this, I have watched many videos about people talking about their experiences and I sound weird but I want to know yours??

How was your first experience??

Have you ever leaked… .IN PUBLIC?

Worst Experiences?

TMI but my experience

So basically obviously, I went to the bathroom, and you know I saw blood on my tissue… also I had a fat stain on my underwear. I checked with like no kidding 10 tissues to make sure and so I was like “-sisters name- can you come here??” and she kept saying why?! why?! and I finally said “I think I got my period” and she was like COMING and so she was like ermm, ima tell mom to “help” you and she left me :expressionless: My mom came and was triggered and I was like low-key laughing and then you know I got taught. So far I kind of hate it. Umm… yeah? If you read this i’m sorryy



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  1. I hate cramps.

  2. In public I always be cautious.

  3. I hate it when it comes unexpectedly even on planed events.


My first experience, it was weird and awkward for me cause I had to held out to my mom saying MOM WHAT IS THIS?! IM I GOING TO DIE? N she was like no. XD She told me what it was so, I was calm and cool with it.


cramps on the 1st and 2nd day kills me. i lay in bed crying because my midol doesn’t work anymore


Oof i ate a midol painkiller today. It might just be me assuming this… but after I ate it I had more cramps?

Girl. This is one of your strangest topics so far, but anyway…

  1. I was 11 at a sleepover and couldn’t sleep a wink because I was cramping so much.

  2. If I have, no one ever told me.

  3. I get the occasional cramps that have me crying on the floor, but overall I don’t think I have it that bad compared to some.


I have my period sometimes I don’t notice it. I don’t get craps nor, mood swings


Ik it"s a weird topic​:joy::joy: but, you got yours at what age?

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  1. I was a little earlier than most. Beat all of my friends to get them

Okay so this is so bad to say but i’m muslim and you have to like pray a lot and i guess read our bible which you call quran. Idk if ur muslim but if you get your period you can’ pray and I wanted mine so i didn’t have to pray and all of that bc it’s a lot on top of homework andschool’t


I actually got my first period at 13 too, lol. I was at school and I actually thought I shit my self at first and there was someone in the bathroom from my class so I had to wait like 6 minutes until they got to the bathroom and thank god I was wearing black pants that day.


Thank god sis :joy::joy:

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My first experience was @ 11 yo. I flushed four pads down the toilet, but by some sort of miracle it didn’t clog. Was relatively uneventful tbh. (Unless I don’t remember much because it was forever ago)

I have. Twice. Once when I was in my early days of learning how to deal with the blood flowing from my nether regions in the 7th grade. I wasn’t all to attentivel of my flow and when to change on this day for some reason and overwhelmed my pad. I was sitting in 8th period(HA!) History and when the bell rang I stood up and instinctively looked at the seat (as I always do when near or on my period because I’m paranoid af) and there was a giant noticeable red spot. I was like “:scream::scream::scream:” and was too embarrassed to tell the teacher so I just left without saying anything hoping the janitor would clean it before anyone really saw (terrible I know, this is not to mention we had assigned seats so if the teacher did see it he’d know who it was :grimacing:). Plus I had to catch the bus so I didn’t even have the chance to attempt to clean myself. I had nothing but my backpack to save me so I did this weird carry where the arms of the backpack hung from the crooks of my elbows and covered my butt. I don’t know how to explain it, but ye. What made things worst was as I was walking to the bus loading area a fellow student offhandedly commented how he hated when people carried their backpacks like that and I died a little more inside than I already had. But anyway I get on the bus and good Lord I hadn’t remembered I actually had to SIT. What made it worst is a girl invited me to sit next to her because we vaguely knew each other through mutual friends and the bus was getting pretty packed. So I did this little awkward half sitting on my backpack while also sitting kinda on the front edge of the seat sit. The whole ride she was chatting away happily and I was not there because how can you pay attention when your panicking internally? I get to my stop and dreadfully stand up and quickly glance at the seat hoping to every god out there I managed to not make a mess, but lo and behold it wasn’t so. At this point I just dipped off the bus fast not even waiting to see if she saw it or not because I was done with the damn day.

Another time was in high school, but this was much less drastic than the first. There were like two girls who did this kind of lingering gaze at me that spiked a small amount of nervousness, but not enough for me to actually check if I bled through. Turns out I did, but it was like a dime sized spot. In my mind I was just like “Why didn’t they just tell me? Help a girl out next time yeah?” Quick and lingering glances aren’t enough apparently. They were probably too embarrassed to do it though so meh.

My worst experiences are pretty much every cycle nowadays. I cramp SO MOTHERF’IN BAD in the first couple days. I can’t eat anything for the first day because the craps are so bad that having food on my stomach either makes me nauseous or constipated (TMI I know but I’m forcing you guys to hear my suffering anyway). I bleed so heavily on day two and three it’s like Satan himself has taken up residence in my uterus and is throwing a wild af blood and uterine lining pool party. And people look at me crazy when I say I want a hysterectomy at 20. Like bitch, I’m dying every month and I don’t ever plan on having kids!


I love how I’m on my period at the moment, lol.


So am i and i can’t sleep cus cramps


Oh wow! Is all i can say, i hope your cramps will get better, on my first day and i can’t sleep cus my cramps are so frackinh bad ohmygod


What I do for cramps is I grab a pillow and squish against my stomach (while laying on my bed of course)

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You were typing for ages! Worth the wait. You poor thing have lived my worse nightmare! :persevere: