Worst School Experience Ever

School was probably and is still one of the worst experiences of my life so with that being I have had many bad experiences regarding school and when I think back to my worst experience it would probably have to be the whole class laughing at me during my presentation.

But what was your worst school experience?


So I don’t wanna mention any sad moments but I have a laughing problem where I laugh randomly even when something’s not funny. Anyways, we had to present on a serious topic and I started laughing in the middle of it and couldn’t stop. Every eye was on me. We had to postpone the presentation for the next day while I prayed at night that I wouldn’t burst into giggles.

P.S this is one of the most bizarre, embarrassing moments I’ve had from the many ^^


Every school experience I’ve ever had.

But if we’re talking about most, I HATED public speaking. I would almost need my inhaler I was always hyperventilating before doing it. I had to read an essay entry I won to about +100. I was scared, freezing (because I get really cold when I’m scared), and there was a baby crying the whole time! I said “Umm… hi” before I started and NO ONE responded.
Never doing that again if I can help it.


When I was still in public school, they tried to force me to leave that particular school district because I lived outside of the line, HOWEVER, they let plenty of the soccer guys live outside the line because they were the soccer kids and they were more valuable and all this jazz. It became this whole big thing, really stressful and that’s when I snapped and decided to start homeschooling instead. ^^

Almost every time my teachers opened their mouths and spewed out some irritating nonsense about “You’re all just children, you don’t understand/couldn’t understand.” Or “You kids don’t have the capacity to believe these things, just believe what I tell you because I’m a teacher.” I used to challenge them, but oof, that was always a bad time.

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All of high school. I’m not being hyperbolic. It was the most deeply miserable 4 years of my life. I remember the adults in my life at the time telling me I’d look back on it as the best time of my life and thinking, “I sure hope not.” Fortunately those adults were wrong!


I feel like people who say this only say that because they miss those days and expect everyone else will feel the same. X’DDD It might even be a majority of people who do feel this way, but like, there’s a few that don’t >.> And when you meet someone that doesn’t, I’d appreciate it if they’d understand that and not fight you like, “No. You will feel this way!”

No…no, you don’t know that. Go away. X’DDDD


Agreed! I don’t know why they are so sure they know us better than we know ourselves.


I’ve been bullied almost every single school year. Surprisingly people have left me alone this year. I kind of wish I had the attitude I have now that I had in middle school. Teenage girls are bitches for NO reason. :roll_eyes:


Sorry to hear you got bullied I hope its better for you but I swear I never realized how mean teenage girls could be until I got into high school like I had people picking on me that I never said a bad thing to or about a day in my life but that’s school. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Alright school …
. Only one word Nightmare :grimacing:
I.hate.my.damn.teacher and fake.frds, :grimacing::grimacing:
Some teachers are reallyy my role models
Only some … Otherwise :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Oof worst experience

I’mma just put my scariest (hopefully it counts right…?) and my worst

Worst - second grade I gave myself bangs and also this boy liked me. I cried all the way back to class from the playground. Idk why I was being to dramatic. Definitely embarrassing.
Scariest- I remember in second grade, our district had to go to Immediate lockdown because we were getting bomb threats. I was little and terrified. Also in 4th grade there was a man watching us kids play on the playground.

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Getting into a fight with a kid after he and his friends made some homophobic jokes about another kid


I haven’t really had any bad moments in school. The three I can think of all turned out good or funny.

We were messing around in English and then the teacher caught me hugging my friend. He held me back after class and told me about how he messed around with his friends in secondary school as well. :rofl:

In PSHE the year sevens were playing music in a classroom really near and we could hear them. It sounded awful and loads of us couldn’t stop laughing. We said that it sounded like a baby elephant being born. The teachers were really annoyed at us because as none of us were listening we couldn’t answer the questions.

I got put in detention with a load of other people because of something I didn’t do. The teachers knew full well that it wasn’t me or the others except two they wouldn’t confess but the boy who’s rubix cube that got messed up’s parents wanted us in detention and the parents were governors so…We got put in detention but given food and toys. This was in Primary School.

All the girls won this challenge in junior high and we got doughnuts. I was sitting with my friends talking and this girl threw one at us and it was all bitten and nasty and I got mad so I was like:”Can y’all not?” And the girl laughed and waved it off and threw another one and tried taking pictures of us. It triggers me when someone tries taking pictures of me so I told the vice principal and she just told me to sit down. When I went back they were still taking pictures and throwing stuff and laughing then I walked to their table and cussed them out but the lady came and said I had to calm down, and she just smiled with the girls so I left early like I didn’t care and told my mom. Then my mom came in to talk with her and she claimed that she tried to help but I just left. But she literally was JUST TALKING TO THOSE GIRLS! And yeah then she hugged me but I didn’t hug her back and I never liked her since.

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School in general was my worst school experience :joy:

But my secondary school is a-mazing, love it :heart:

Middle school! There was so much drama, people hated me…

I really wish I wasn’t molested in 7th grade… :unamused:

I’m sorry that happened to you.

Oh my God! Are we really doing this? Yep we are…

I moved around a lot when I was in elementary so being the new kid in school was “normal”. Although, nothing compares to being the new kid in a school out of the country you grew up in. EVERYTHING was different!!

The worst thing that ever happened to me during that experience? Holy mother of Jesus!! :woman_facepalming:

I was a senior in high school at Puerto Rico. I had finally got used to the difference in culture. It was my second period, Spanish class. Mind you, I was terrible with this language back then. The teacher, Mrs. Barrios (old terrible witch lady as I recall) had assigned us to write an essay on a novel that we had finished reading. To our surprise, instead of turning the essays in she had us read it in front of the class and she would grade us on the presentation. Everybody was pissed Before anyone read their essays out loud, Mrs. Barrios had to step out of the classroom and I really wish she didn’t. During the time she was out, another teacher had brought her coffee. The bad guys from the class really did a number on that coffee. Spit, a drop of glue, dirt and I don’t recall what else they did with that coffee. The thing is when she came back guess who she choose to read her essay? ME!! Everyone was laughing as she sipped on her coffee and I was not able to hold my laugh as I read my essay. She asked the class why where they laughing, my essay was not even funny. Ouch! She then told me and I quote, “Stephanie, you know why they’re laughing, why don’t you share with us the reason for all this laughter. I want to laugh too. Sips on coffee”. I busted out laughing so hard I cried and so did everyone else! My grade on that presentation? D+!
That was the highest grade on that essay assignment and up to this day, Mrs. Barrios has no clue as to why we were all laughing so hard!! The reason why this has to be my worst experience is because as it’s funny, it was also very irresponsible of us. I should had said something, but peer pressure did a number on me. :confused: Even if she was extremely strict, rude, bitch and would kick you out of the classroom just for not understanding a lesson and asking more than two times for her help. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I’m so sorry to hear that. When we’re younger we tend to do things that don’t make us proud. Sometimes we don’t notice the severity of the things we do until it’s too late to take back what you said or did. Just know, if I would had been your friend, I would had been suspended just to make sure you were respected. Fighting is not the way blah blah blah, but sometimes it is the only way for people to leave you alone. Trust me, I was bullied for having an accent as I spoke English and because my mother wouldn’t let me shave my legs until I was a “lady”. Parents sometimes don’t understand that things are not what they used to be back then, that kids now a days form groups and spread rumors just to make your life miserable. And when nobody stands up for you, you have to take matters into your own hands. :frowning:

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I snitched once and they suspended that girl that was bullying me. The thing is, they didn’t suspend her group of friends. My life was pretty much miserable until I stood up for myself ignoring what the teachers always said to do.