Worst things authors do

What are the the worst things YOU think that episode authors do/can do.
Share some experiences.


um…copy another authors story???


constantly discontinuing stories just to publish a new one straight after. idk it just annoys me you should have a rough idea what’s going to happen in your story from start to end before you even start coding it :woman_shrugging:t3:


Many writers tend to forget that there is more to love than looking into each other eyes and other stuff.
In some stories, I have seen the MC/LI falls in love with each other very fast…Like the love at the first sight type.
I mean there might be an attraction between two characters/they might think he/her is good looking when they first meet?..but “Love” is on another level.

A relationship needs to be friends as well!
Also, the readers should get a chance to know the LI…before they fall in love.

(I hope that’s what you wanted to know :joy:)


Hey… Question are you talking about discontinuing or revamping/updating (with a long waiting time :roll_eyes: That’s what I am guilty off… :clown_face: :speak_no_evil:)?? Because there is a difference between that. I don’t discontinue my stories, but put them on hold to revamp them. As an author and a reader, I totally understand your irritation, because you want to read a finished/complete story. But I definitely have an idea what is going to happen from start to end in my stories. Also authors don’t have always the time to update or revamp asap, it takes some time. We have a life next to episode, not to sound rude. :speak_no_evil:


I my god I hate that. I’ve been burned so many times with a story I really enjoyed reading, but the author never finishes it. It made me go to a point where I only read stories when they are either finished, doing a r4r or when I trust the author enough to know they will finish the story before moving to a new story.


I know as an author it gets hard to manage between my job irl and coding. I can’t constantly pump out content because outside of episode I have a job that I’m working towards a promotion and I have other responsibilities outside of episode.


That’s what I meant. :wink:

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I don’t think she talked about that she talked about how Authors publish the stories and do not complete it because we all rlly wanna know whats gonna happen at the end.
And also I agreed with you.
Because writing an episode story is coding and coding is not easy, like at all.
I never got pissed by the fact that the Author is publishing late because I’ve tried to write a story and I just couldn’t-
I mean, it’s not just your life which has it’s ups and downs.
And also if you have a story please lemme know. Bye!



I have some stories and I decided yesterday that I definitely going to continue my ongoing stories. But I also decided to revamp and update my first written stories (that I honestly neglected over time) which are mostly completed. (I hope you can still follow what I mean. :laughing: :laughing:) And yes I know I am not the only one with a life which has it’s ups and downs I know, but I wasn’t only talking about me I was talking about in general (about most of the authors in general.) For example there are authors over here, that have school next to episode or taking care of a family with kids (or dogs or cats…)… I wasn’t talking about myself at all. :woman_facepalming:t2: Just wanted to know if she was talking about authors who totally abandoned their stories and discontinues their stories or if she was talking about authors who are revamping or updating their stories, because I am curious about that. :wink: → AngelWings is my profile on episode (for the ones who want to read my stories. :woman_facepalming:t2: ) And now I wanna stop talking about me. because I know it looks I am only talking about me, but I meant it about authors in general. :clap:t2: :woman_facepalming:t2:


like full on deleting the story, majority of the time the excuse is they don’t know where the story is leading. slow updating is annoying but i cant say anything because i don’t update that regularly because of school


Okay now I understand. It was just out of curiosity, not to offend others. :blush: I already started feeling guilty. But yes, I agree, that is definitely annoying. Especially when it’s a story you totally love to read. :wink:


Yes yes i will surely check ur story!

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Dedicate all of their time building their fan base, reads, popularity, producing faster updates to the point of neglecting themselves and those around them irl and burning themselves out.


Taking others ideas and using it as their own, especially without giving credit. Instead, they should use their imagination - I’m sure everyone has one, and create something of their own.


I agree, that’s mad wack! There are a few larger popular authors that do that but I won’t call names.


This is a reply from another thread that I had, but it definitely applies to annoying things authors do!
I just realized that the majority of mine (aside from the ones mentioned above) have to do with LIs.

Author is biased towards one LI over others.

It’s perfectly fine to be an author and have a favorite LI that you created! But what irritates me is when it’s so blatantly obvious that the author loves this LI so much, that the other LI simply doesn’t get enough screen time or romance options with the MC. This also results in them being, for lack of a better word, a really bland option. What’s the point of being with this stale LI when the most we know about them is their favorite color–IF THAT?

The Overly Flawed LI

The counterpart to the perfect LI. Now, I completely understand trying to give your characters certain flaws whether to make them relatable, build their character/character arcs, etc. But I draw the line when one character is SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON. Let me explain. They can start off as an ass and work their way up to being a better version of themselves. That’s not what bothers me. It’s when they’re just jerks throughout the entire story and show little to no development whatsoever! I just can’t understand the purpose of making such a horrible person for the MC to end up with. In short, they’re just a bad person. Don’t even get me started on the “i’M jUsT a MiSuNdErStoOd BaD bOyy!!!1!1!!1!”


The counterpart to the Overly Flawed LI. I was just reading a story where I couldn’t help but notice that one LI was literally PERFECTION PERSONIFIED to the point where it’s honestly pissing me off. If one LI is supposed to look so much better than the other, then what was the point of having more than that one Mr./Ms./Mx. Perfect?

LI has--frankly, no emotions. No explanation. They're just emotionless...

If your LI is not a robot (Poor choice of words considering I’m a DBH fan :kissing:) then please give them some sense of emotion. It’s different if it’s something they’re going through mentally maybe, or even if they were idk isolated from society in a sense and slowly learning how to readapt. That would be interesting to see! Now, if the LI is more on the “calm” side, then this isn’t much of a problem for me. What upsets me is when they just don’t REACT to anything. This kind of has to do with the Mr./Ms./Mx. Perfect as mentioned above. Anything the MC does, this LI will not get upset and heaven forbid they even react to something negative the MC says. I purposely chose to be mean to this Mr. Perfect who ALSO is the emotionless LI, solely to see how he responded. He was never angered or bothered by anything my character said. At that point, I didn’t know what to say.


Idk if this has already been said but I hate when authors write stories that are misogynistic and/or portray women as “weak” and “helpless” and the man swoops in and saves her. I’ve read one too many stories like this, It’s sooo annoying.


Letting us customize the main character but the parents look obviously different.

Some of us don’t mind playing characters that aren’t our race/ethnicity, so if you can’t make sure the character’s family is also the same complexion, don’t let us customize at all. It looks ridiculous. And we are tired of pretending our characters are adopted. This also goes for letting us only customize the main character and maybe the love interest, but the artwork is made in the imagine of what you already had in mind for the characters. Don’t allow customization if you know you have artwork (that looks different than the characters).

This is how some authors attempt to make themselves seem inclusive when their entire story says otherwise.