Would a story about aliens be sci-fi or fantasy?

Exactly what the title says. If I write a story for the new Fantastical contest, and it’s based on a planet with aliens, would that be sci-fi? Or would it classify as fantasy?

I just don’t want to go through all of the hard work just to find out that it isn’t even qualified for the contest.

I think it will be classified as sci-fi tho. Fantasies are often related to magic, fairy and fairytales, mythology stuffs.

Usually it’s sci-fi, but according in how you develop the story, it could fit the fantasy genre.

Science Fiction is based on science and scientific explantions for the unusual situations the characters experience; for example travelling to the past isn’t realistic (at least, on the present) but it is considered logical because the author explains how a scientist discovered it, etc.

Fantasy is about situations that are not realistic, and the explanation of the odd elements are based on magic, or sometimes they aren’t even explained. For example; a scientist found out how to travel to the past because he is secretly a wizard.


However, aliens are usually considered science fiction because there’s a possibility that aliens exist, and this type of stories involve a lot of futuristic technology; therefore it is sci-fi.
But you can add things to your story to make it fit fantasy.


Sci fi

Thank you for clarifying this for me!

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You’re welcome!

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