Would any group hire me?

Hi guys, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, please move it if I’m wrong. I’m quite bored and wanting to do some more stuff, I do have 2 shops open for outline and outfit making but I don’t get many requests, so here I am to ask if anybody will hire me ahaha.

Here’s what I can do (if you ask for examples in the replies for one or more of these things, I’ll reply with them, I just can’t be bothered gathering them up right now.)

  • I can make outfits and graphic sheets for them
  • I can make characters and character sheets
  • I can make outlines from images
  • I can code pretty well but I’m not a total expert.
  • I can make basic splashes

I can’t really get examples of coding because I haven’t published any stories yet but I am working on one that is extremely code heavy since its very customisable with many directions the story can go in. But the others I have at least 1 example of.

My shops:

By the way am I open to being hired by more than 1 group

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I would hire you! But my shop is currently not hiring atm… you can stick around and request or wait for me to hire again if you want, and theres also plenty of shops that are probably hiring. If you want to know my shop it is:

I can hire you if you are interested<3!

I could hire you!

I am presently hiring. Let me know if you are interested<3!

I’m really interested in anything, just send me a link/insta name for your group or shop or what have you and ill check it out.

Same for you, send me a link and I’ll check it out and get back to you

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Mermaid’s Episode Shop(Free)[We take all requests(all means all from A-Z)]

Sure I’d be interested in joining your group, I don’t do art though, only the things mentioned in the top

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ok sure
I will place your name there

can you give me the examples?
I have to place it in the shop

For the outfits and outlines you can find those in my individual shops, I haven’t made any character detail sheets yet so I dont actually have an example of that but here’s the splash example


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Yeah sure I’m interested in joining, just making sure you know that I don’t do art, I only do the things in the first post, I can’t draw ahaha

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In your shop, maybe it would be a good idea to have a list of what each person can do so that people can request certain people

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It’s fine I can’t draw either lol

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Yes I am doing that too.
I am just updating

Actually we are making character cards.
So please can you send the details of your character?

Character details

Female generic body - heart soft face - copper 00
Round thin high eyebrows - black dark
Long feathered hair - honey blinde
Round downturned wide eyes - brown black
Round broad nose
Full heart pouty mouth - purple deep matte

Not sure if you want the outfit too


Varisty coat plain school polyester grey black
Frayed cutoff shorts denim grey black
Ankle buckle boots pleather grey black

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thank you<3!

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Could you send some examples through pm