Would anybody be interested in a critque4critque/review4review?

Murder. Mystery. Old love and new love. A small town’s darkest secret.
When Detective Michael Caffery returns to his hometown with his daughter Penelope, the last thing he expects is to get caught up in a young starlet’s disappearance.
When his daughter becomes the next target and the truth begins to ravel before his very eyes, he begins to wonder if the incidents that plague his own past weren’t so coincidental after all…


Hi all! As previously implied, I’m currently working on my very own story, Tulua Rising. This isn’t the first story I’m publishing on Episode, but the last one I put the same amount of time into was back when I was in middle school and Classic was the only style. I’m sure you can guess how that went.
With that being said, my first chapter for this is just about done! I’ve already got a quarter done with chapter two as well, but it’s nowhere near my perfectionist levels just yet. At this moment in time, I am looking someone to proofread and offer firm critique on Chapter One, in exchange for proofreading and firm critique on theirs.
What I am looking for in particular: Firm (not harsh!) critiquing, catching any scripting or grammatical errors and constructive criticism. I would also like to know which choices you chose and if anything came out of the choices, such as impressing a character.

In exchange for your time, I offer the same for you- firm critiquing, catching any errors and constructive criticism! If you’re interested, please do not drop a link to your story. You will be ignored. Instead, please simply comment if you’d like to proofread, tell me a little about yours and we can discuss further in DMs.

Thanks in advance!


Hey your story looks so interesting! I’d love to do a proofread/review with you. I am new to writing on Episode so I don’t know that I can help as much with that, but I can definitely offer support with grammar and story! My story is called The Big trip and it’s about a recent college graduate who decides to leave her boring life and embark on an adventure around the world!

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Awesome! I’ll DM you! Thank you so much!

Hey, I would love to review your story; I actually offer thorough reviews anyway and I would love to help you out. I have a bit of experience with advanced directing so I can always offer help from a coding perspective as well as a reader’s perspective. If you want to read a bit of my story - you don’t have to though - it is called Secrets. Your character has just started College, but everything turns upside down when someone ends up murdered on campus and you can see her ghost. Choices matter (locked paths).

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Hi, your plot seems interesting. i would love to do peer review.

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Your story sounds awesome! I’ll DM you!

Welcome to the Episode forums! I’ll dm you!

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