Would anybody read this story?

I’m going to upload my story in a few hours, once my covers have been approved, and I was just wondering if anybody would actually be interested in reading it? I don’t want to work hard on a story that nobody is going to read. I know that some people may just pop-in a read a couple of episodes, but I want to know if people will really enjoy it.

It is called The BULLY and it is about a girl named Hailey who is going through a rough time, she and her younger sister, Kaitlyn, just moved in with her grandparents, and now they’re starting at a new school. So they go to school and there is this scary guy named Conrad Donovan who is basically a big bully and widely disliked throughout the school, and he starts targeting Hailey for something that she didn’t do.

The genre is Romance

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I would love to read your story!!

Thank you!

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I would want to read that story! As long as the romance isn’t between the bully and the victim.


I’m not meant to be rude, but the beginning is pretty cliche’ the new girl cliche
I will read it though if it has plot twists! I like the part where Hailey is targeted for something she didn’t do and I’m curious as to why Donavan thinks so.