Would anyone be able to help me with this background?

Does anyone know if there is a background where this door is closed? If not, would anyone be willing to make me a background where it closed so that my character can open it :slight_smile:

-Thank you in advance :heart:

Hey there! I believe the background you’re asking for exists. I could help you find it, I just need you to tell me what’s the name of the background you uploaded (in the picture above). :blush:

No problem! It’s called INT. OPEN APARTMENT DOOR - DAY

Okay, I’ll take a look :+1:

Thank you so much for your help!

Apparently, there’s no such background :sweat_smile:. I could swear I saw it somewhere :thinking:
Anyways, you can search for a similar background on this website :point_right: http://www.episodelife.com
Hope this could help you a little bit. :relaxed:

I found it on google, but I don’t know who I should credit.

You should check the webpage where that image is posted. Maybe you can find the creator of that image there. :grinning:

Thanks, I did and someone posted a potentional creator of the image. I’m still not sure, so I’ll keep doing some digging :slight_smile:

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