Would Anyone Be Interested In a Monthly Outfit Catalogue? (Poll)

I already Started this but I was wondering if people would actually be interested.
Basically It is like a Vouge or another fashion magaize split in 3 parts. The Plus Size Edition, The Male and Female Edition, and the LGBTQIA+ Edition Series. I thought this would be helpful to find outfits and new styles since many people have trouble with the.
I already started a plus size edition (see cover below) but I was just wondering if people would be interested. Each edition would be 9 or more outfits, and would include any new art releases.

How this idea came about: Today I was doing work for my mom (because she hired me for the summer) and I finally finished so I was going to upload some outfits to my drive that I made/ am making. But then I was opening Medibang (the app I use to edit) and the idea came to me. Why not just put it into a monthly catalogue and split it by outfit styles? I decided to start with a plus-size issue (spending 1 hr 30 min on the cover because I was very indecisive). So yeah that’s how I got the idea.

It would be random dates each month, and it would be free of credit. It also took me a while to decide which 9 outfits I want to include (because I may or may not spend a lot of time making outfits, because I don’t want to see the same background characters in the same outfits).

How it would be categorized:
Issue - e.g. Female and male OR plus-sized OR LGBTQIA+
Edition - e.g. Plus-sized first edition (Month 1) OR Plus-sized second edition (Month 2)
Anniversary - e.g. LGBTQIA+ 1 year anniversary (twelfth edition/ Month 12)
Best Of - e.g. Best Of Beauty (Best Out of all Beauty editions release so, Plus-sized beauty, lgbtqia+ beauty and female and male beauty all in one)

Anyways share your thoughts via poll and/ or comments.

All votes are private
  • Yes, All of the issues.
  • Yes, but only the plus size
  • Yes, but only the male and female
  • Yes, but only the LGBTQIA+
  • Yes, but just not the plus size
  • Yes, but not the male and female
  • Yes, but not the LGBTQIA+
  • No, None of the issues
  • Maybe, some of the editions in each issue.

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Cover that I worked on (finished) :

The Area – Outfits With: … – show which new release items were used. For the Design: Looked at a bunch of magazines, which is why it looks, … yeah. (I’m proud of it though)

Edit (Kinda): Spent 20 min wondering if I should ask, here it goes.


Poll Closes in 6 days


Omg I love this! I’m so mad I didn’t think of it lol. You could have people from the different groups submit their characters to model the outfits or something. :sunflower:


That’s a great idea! :blush:

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I’m in for it :heart_eyes:

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What I would love to see is ideas for outfits that work in specific settings that episode’s clothing catalog doesn’t cater to very well. I’m trying to do a fantasy story and while the setting is not meant to mimic a specific time period it is a pre-industrial society of a sort and “modern” clothes look out-of-place. Trying to make a variety of outfits using episodes very limited pool of non-modern clothing has been rough and I would love to see some new ideas. Other examples could be sci-fi or western clothing, or perhaps clothing tied to a specific region.

And obvs plus-sized and male outfits are the most useful because they can be the trickiest to pull off.

Ultimately you should do it if you are excited to do it, but I would be careful of over-committing and burning out. 9 outfits times 3 issues every month seems like a lot to me, but it sounds like you really enjoy doing it so maybe it’s not a big deal. Personally I can’t imagine doing something like that for as long as a year, hahaha!

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Thank you for sharing, I actually made/ make a looooot of outfits in spare time because there too many options for me, but I did see many people struggle with putting it together so I thought/ think it would be a good idea.

Judging from the number of threads by people who want “extras” made up for them I suspect you’re right. If you want to do it I think you should, I’m sure people will find it helpful c:

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Bumping for the Morning crew (as I call it, since I’m on at both morning and night)

If anyone wants to see what an outfit page would/ will look like here’s it (the names of the outfits seem a bit cringe):


Update: Poll closes the in 5 days (idk if people can see the close date, as I’ve never seen one if there was)

Re-Updating: Poll closes in 4 days, also ty to anyone who took the time to vote :blush:.

Update: poll closes in 3 days

Poll closes in 2 days (I’m nervous yet excited to see the results, if just asking for question btw, I’ll still do the catalogue)

-Ty to those who voted