Would anyone be interested in collaborating and making a art emporium?

Hey guys!

I love helping people out when it comes to art, I love making it for people ! So I thought, why not ask people if they wanted to collaborate and make an art shop where we can help others with art for their storys.

I can make splashes, overlays and covers - still working on the outlines :smiley:

if anyone is interested leave a comment down below :blush:

I would but its up to u

can I see some of your work first please :blush:

But I am on data connection

oh, is there any work you have done for other people that I can check out? I’ve seen that you have made your profile picture and its amazing :blush: if not don’t worry, I would love you to join anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yay thx
How many poeple are going to be in the collab

how ever many people want to be in it really :blush:

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Thats awesome
I can do anything except Outlines

the same as me :joy:

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I will make the thread now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol I find outlines very complicated rn
Everytime I try it turns out to be something else

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I’ve done that many times :joy: I tried doing one yesterday and the person looked like it was sad instead of laughing :joy:

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Yeah I know right
Its complicated

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what do you think I should call it ? :thinking:

the thread btw :rofl:

Oof I have no idea
The Lonely Wolves

do you like- Wow art emporium ?

or Episode art emporium , I wanna go kind of simple with the name :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to

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thats awesome, have you done any art work before that I could check out or not ? it doesn’t matter if you don’t :blush: