Would anyone be interested in creating a cover art for my story?

Hey! I’m currently writing a story (Targeted), and I need a cover artist to create my small & large cover. Would anyone be interested in doing so? I would really appreciate it!

I can PM you details! (Such as characters)
But besides that, I don’t really have a certain cover in mind, so do what you please! Here’s a bit about my story:

(This is not the official story description)

You move to the United States as an exchange student. You’re thrilled and can’t wait for the life-changing experience. Little did you know, your experience will be lifechanging, just not in a positive way… in a deadly way.

Basically it’s about this teenager that moves to the U.S. as an exchange student for her junior year of high school. She moves in with this host family who has tons of untold secrets; while she’s there, she discovers that someone is out to get her & her host family. You and your friends try to solve the clues and figure out the murder mystery before it’s too late.

Thanks again! I would love to get this story published ASAP!
The goal is Halloween night, but I understand any complications that get in the way (:

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I PMed you!