Would anyone be interested in partnering up for my new story?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone wanted to partner up with me on my story Poisonous Love?
i’ve only published 3 chapters so far so you wouldn’t be behind in the storyline or anything :sweat_smile:

style - limelight
genre - romance/drama
vague description - Gianna Blaine is forced to face her feelings for her EX boyfriend Axel Carson.
What will happen when she’s brought back into the storm of drama, love, and hate that is Axel Carson

If you would be interested in partnering with me just PM me on here or instagram - episode.gracie_p
:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


If nobody has already said they would like to, I would be down for it!

Do you have Instagram? I found someone already but I would love to keep in touch if that changes and is alright with you

Yes my Instagram is @mack._.episode

Heya I would love to work with you if you are still looking for someone! :upside_down_face:

hey! I already found someone, but do you have instagram? I would like to keep in touch for sometime in the future if thats alright! :grinning:

Yeah sure it’s Natalie_episode_404

Hey! lol it’s been a few days sorry, but I couldn’t find your instagram :thinking:

Oh sorry I recently changed it now it’s
Insta: Nutella_writes

oh ok, lmao thanks :sweat_smile: