Would anyone be interested in reading my story?



Im coming out with a story called “Written Book of We”, it’s about a girl who finds out shes pregnant as well as developing brain cancer. She has a large group of friends who are her biological and non bio family as it shows what each of them, go through, have been through and how they stick together no matter what. It deals with situations we hide from like abuse and health. I’m working so hard on it and was wondering when I post it, if anyone would even want to read it?


I love to read it


I’ll dm when its released!:slight_smile: – Should be within 2 weeks


It depends on the progress but if you’re almost complete with the story maybe like between in 2 or 3 weeks but its up to you honestly and good luck with the book and im willing to read it!

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I already have the entire story/ chapters PLANNED out, I want to release it half way done but i have art scenes, which i cannot post those chapters until approved…


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