Would anyone be interested in this description

You’re a witch running away from your evil mother. You find yourself in love with your dream person. But what are they hiding from you? Will you ever be free from the shadow of your mother? CC, LL, LGBTQ+ options


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Sounds interesting, I would read.

I’ve seen you post a lot of stuff. Almost every single thread I read you’ve commented on.

Would love to read a story like this. :slight_smile:

If I ever get to finishing it, I’ll put a link here so you can read it.

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And if you do read it, I would love cunstructive critizism.

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I don’t really know tbh I kinda want to read it but I also don’t wanna read it

I don’t understand where you’re going with this

Would you want to do a r4r

Who, me? :eyes:

About what?

that :eyes:

Yes. You. I’m looking through the new things and stuff and on every single one you are a participent on it.

Ah, haha, I post a lot :joy: I’m not homeschooled, but I’m off school because of my mental health disorders :sweat: I have a LOT of time.

Oooh. I’m homeschooled so…yeah

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