Would anyone be willing to make a cover for my story?

I know many artists aren’t willing to do free covers and art scenes, but I was wondering if someone would be ok with it? If anyone agrees to this btw the style is realistic. Thank you!

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I can do it if you like. But not drawn

Sure! Thanks! Do you have any examples of your work?

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For realistic art you’ll probably need to pay the artist! However there’s a lot of talented people who make free edited covers here

Thanks for the tip!

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i do covers . even have a forum for it. a lot do but most people dont comment in them instead they make a forums asking for one. which is strange cause its more easy get something when you search for it than waiting for it to come


I can do it in the next 10-20 min if you like

Yes please! Sorry, I as really busy, But your examples are really good. I’ll get back to you soon!

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