Would anyone be willing to make me a best friend edit with myself and my friends in it I’ll send the details after

I do not have a picture of all of our characters I have all but one and I’m not sure on the pose definitely us doing something stupid and if you don’t mind doing it I appreciate because I’m not giving you much info however I would really love it if someone could do it for me

You can either do these outfits or other outfits just something cute and quirky and funny

I may be able to. I just need details :slight_smile:

Here are some examples of my edits.

Some of the details are on the images is that ok or…?

That’s okay, do you want the edit to be like the Second picture you have?

Somethig similar or just a cute edit or funny one of us being stupid (:

Okay. I’ll start now.

Thank you for this (:

Can I use your picture to edit for fun?

Sure as long as you like send the outcome

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Here, it’s kinda bad…


I only did one.

I’m working on it right now. About half way done. Sorry it’s taking so long. I have a ton of school work.

It’s fine really (: