Would anyone be willing to make me an episode art cover?

These are my two characters and I would like for the girl to be holding a gun and the guy to have his arms wrapped around he waist. You could use any background just saying.

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Episode harmony can

I can too! You can request here!

heres are examples btw

3b37edf72e1e4c774bc5c188c936bc5bb7bdbadf_1_690x445 0e2b9060b9ce10555b77bdd1e8f6fc021d77ee8e_1_375x500 5ee1f1912be37e356b30553d96ef898305e92f33_1_375x500 His%20Girl 89ed6782cc600446097547d831242a71b50fe534_1_690x445

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I need your help pm plz

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