Would anyone be willing to make or know where I can find background art



So I really need a background for the inside of a van type of thing

I’m pretty new here and I’m writing a story about a small group of criminals, and part of the story involves them living in a caravan/mini bus/van kind of thing. I can’t find anything suitable on the episode background art area and I definitely could not make my own art. I don’t know anybody that does backgrounds so if anyone could recommend someone that would be great.

If someone would be willing to create or help me source a good background, I would really appreciate it. You would get credit and if you wanted I could make you a character in my story, idk. I’m still finding my way around this community so… yeah.



Doesn’t episode have the background?


No, not that I can find. They’ve got plenty for the outside, but I can’t find any for the inside. :confused:


Check INT. ( )


I have, haven’t found anything.


Wait… Let me check


How bout this? :point_down:


That’s alright, though that’d probably be temporary as I kind of wanted something that looked like a place that criminals would stay. Thanks for your help.


Do u still need a background or r u using that?


I could use that, but it’d be great if I could have a background.


I thought of another background that episode has




Or do u want somewhere big and nice?


Hey that one’s not too bad, it’s just the stairs and it kind of looks more abandoned than a criminal’s place


Hi!! I would love to help. I can find backgrounds, but other people also can!

Let me know,


That’d be great if you could help!


Could you give me some details?


I don’t find a pic to fit. Instead, i think i find something u could use as a reference (maybe for someone draw or vectorize for you): [picture] [source]


i can make customized baground if you want me to???:grinning::grinning::grinning:


That would be great if you could,

That’s kind of what I’d like it to look like, just some inspiration if anyone would want to make one.