Would anyone be willing to read my College Days entry and give me honest feedback?

Heyo! This is my first ever episode story! I am wondering if anyone would be willing to read my book and give me honest feedback!

The name is: College Days: Once In A Lifetime

How long each chapter is on average: 7 mins


Also if you are going to review it before you read it could you type out an reply? Tysm!

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There could be more advanced directing and there could be an amazing intro

How many episodes does it have?
I can have a look at it in about half an hour

Thanks sooo much! I will try an intro right now!

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It has 3 episodes.

(Im not asking u to continue reading it btw) Would you continue reading it, like if u just found it, or would you get bored of it?

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To be honest, if you get that intro, I will keep reading, but if I came across it, of course, I would read it, you had a great description

Tysmmmmmm!!! You have been very helpful!

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And by intro do you mean like Talking intro or like a theme song type but without the song.

Something like that


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bump jeeezzz time is flying

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