Would anyone like to change this overlay to copper 9 and 8 for me please? :D

I would like this to be copper 8 and 9

Thank you so so much to whoever is kind enough to do this for me :slight_smile: :heart_hands:

wdym the phone or the hand or? and do you need two of the same just different colors for the hands? ill do the hand now should only take a few mins

the hand

yes, just the hands! I want them separately as in one overlay for the hand is copper 9 and another separate one which is copper 8 if that’s okay please : )

ok yes I can do that I’ll label the ss for you when I send them

okay, thank you so much!! :heart:


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is this good and the left one is copper 9 right is 8

I made it an overlay btw
so you can just zoom in on the side you want one nail is higher up to so you can tell the characters apart
and one phone has a white bar the other is black at the top let me know if you need any other over lays or covers or anything

yess! thank you so much, it’s amazing!! do you want me to credit you :smiley:

sure my episode account is Iccg and my Instagram is iccgepisode

instagram link

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