Would Anyone Like to Check Out My Story? ~NOT A R4R~


This isn’t a read for read thread or anything, but I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in reading my story. My story isn’t a cliche story, but it’s reality. There isn’t too many stories on the Episode app where the real world is portrayed; real world problems instead of fantasy problems. Therefore, my story is a real world story. Sometimes we need a reality check on life. The name of my story is called Sophisticated & Deceived. It’s about a young millennial named Ashden who’s 26 years old. Unfortunately, she is very emotionless because all her life she’s been deceiving herself of being too sophisticated. Luckily, a guy named Grayson will help her explore her emotions. They will have some ups and downs because Ashden is very stubborn. If you’re interested in a story like that, please check it out!

~Thank you


Do you have a cover? If so you should add it it makes people intrested!


Oh yeah! Of course,


That makes it better maybe i’ll read it later!