Would anyone like to create my pfp?


Hi! I’m in need of a really cool pfp for this site! Would anyone like to create mine? Here’s some inspiration!

If you create something for me and I end up choosing it just contact me and I will make it up to you in any way you like (ofc within reason)


Hey! I could do it. :grin:


I would love to do it for you :blush:


I could! If you want I could show you some examples


Here you go, I hope it’s what your looking for


Here I’ll give you some Examples


Can you give me the details??


Yes ofc. I’ll post them asap


It would be amazing if you could do mine! Thank you! I’ll be posting the details of her asap.


Alright! I’m glad you chose me! :grin:


I am really fond of the style of your drawing and ofc the backgrounds are splendid!


Thank you! You can PM me if you want or you can just send the details on this thread.


I’ll post them on this thread as soon as i go through everything and get the details


Alright, sounds good! :grin:


Tysm! I really don’t have any ideas. You can do whatever you like with my character. I do have one request though. Can you make it as realistic as possible? It’s alright if that can’t be done.
She is:
Green eyes (upturned luxe)
Chestnut hair (diva curls)
Deep red lips (classic)
Prefered clothing:
Red and black letterman jacket (it would really be awesome if you could add the name “Sweeney” across the back)
Striped tank top (white)
Red beach day skater shoes
Blue high waisted pants
My pose doesn’t really exist on Episode (truly sorry) but could you have her facing backwards and pointing at her back? (Preferably like this)


Thank you so much


Ooof, I don’t do custom poses. I’m sorry… Can I just do it with an Episode pose?




Okay, I’m truly sorry you’re not exactly getting what you were looking for…


It’s perfectly fine. I understand