Would anyone like to help me write my stories?


Hi! Ik that I’m pretty new. However, would anyone like to help me write some stories? I really like writing all types of stories and have no ideas rn.


I would love to help


I’m filled with ideas


Hello. I am new here. I would really like to write my own story, but I need help. Can some one help me how to start?


Hi Kanu! I’ve been in the community for a while and written a few stories here and there. I can write a story with if you would like? I can also help and teach you some of the basics of writing. To message me, dm me on my episode Instagram account! @episode.trinity


Actually, I do not really have instagram, but I would like to learn some basics how to write a story right.
Thank you so much :grin::+1:!

  • Kanu.


Thanks! I hope that you can also help me figure out how to write them from the website not the app and help me make it look semi decent


I would be glad to write a story with you.
Thank you again.

  • Kanu


Yeah, I’ll make sure to help you in any way possible




I’d love to help

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