Would anyone like to review my story? Just 1 chapter. Possible R4R

Hi! I’m looking for someone to review my story. Right off the bat, I’d like to let you know that its classic. If you don’t like classic, please don’t bother. If you have read classic stories before, I would really love if you would be able to review my story. Its just one chapter and I truly need an honest opinion! If your just going to tell me that its fine, please don’t offer to review my story. I don’t want to reveal to much about the plot because I want the story to speak for itself. I would be willing to do a review for review, but only up to 2 chapters, and of any style :two_hearts:
If you would like to review my story, please pm me! Thanks :heart:

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Here is the cover

Small Cover

Large Cover

Story description: She discovers her family is keeping a dangerous secret from her. Trying to learn the truth seems impossible, especially when love always gets in the way.

Thank you so much for anyone willing to help me! I really appreciate it :grinning:
its unpublished by the way, but I can send the link

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This looks good
I love classic stories!

Would you be interested in reading? I can pm you the link if you like?

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It looks good
I write and read in classic, it’s the best

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