Would anyone like to work with me?

would anyone like to work with me? I’m working on a love story. It’s based on the movie “10 things I hate about you” if you are interested, I will tell you the story’s summary, the character’s personalities and any information about the story you’d like to know. I have no Instagram or social media.

No, because i changed legit everything. Its only called 10 things i hate about you because im only including a poem in the movie. Every other scene will be completely different.But thanks for informing me :slight_smile:

Sorry this is really annoying, but I have an issue on my story, and just need to be told what to do to fix it. I had my character change their outfit (@ROY changes into Pjs) But it changed his outfit for the whole episode, and I’m unable to change it back. Can you tell me what to do? <3

You just have to change again the character in its previous outfit

ah tysm!!! Sorry, I’m a noobie at this, lol!

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No problem at all

sorry, just one more question! when I add “AND does it while dustoff_neutral_loop” it says that “pjs AND does it while dustoff_neutral_loop is not a directing command” how do I have a character do an action while doing it?

You have to write the animation first:
@CHARACTER is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHARACTER changes into x

tysm!! thank you so much, have an amazing day/night!! <3

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Can i also have some help? i’m very desperate…

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Of course if I can

ty! can i dm you?

Can you kindly send the whole script from where it changes and where it is not changing… It will help me to detect it more accurately…