Would anyone read a story that is fully spotlight formatted?

I’m a bit of a newbie to episode coding (not to episode itself, I have an old acc that’s been active for 3-ish years) so my latest story is in a spotlight format so that I can focus less on coding and background stuff/characters and more on the actual story.


i would read it, i dont mind reading spotlight style.

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I would absolutely read it (as long as it had a good plot, characters, etc. haha). Some of my favorite stories have been in Spotlight!


Why not?

Uh well, I’ll read it but only if it has a cool plot, description, cover & art scenes, b’cuz yes, I do judge a story from it’s coverand description and I think many others do too!

I don’t like spotlight format but there’s people that do.
I’m used to other way.

I don’t like it. It’s no realistic enough.

I’m actually writing one now in Spotlight. I love the Choices story app and I’m aiming to kind of write mine in that style as well.

I feel like if the story is well written, it’ll be tons of fun to read.

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