Would apple emojis be copyrighted?


I’ve seen the emoji overlays in episode featured stories (where in texting scenes, different sizes of an emoji go down the screen) and wanted to create my own since it’s not a feature on the portal! However, I wanted to ask if this would cause any problems since apple emojis would be used? I mean, they are the ones used in the featured stories so i’m guessing it’s fine but want to be sure!
Thank you!!

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I doubt there would be an issue because the Emoji section of the portal is flooded with the emojis Apple uses:

Episode probably has a contract or license with Emoji Mart (or a parent company) that allows them to use those emojis.

You could create your own emoji overlay (with the “Apple” emojis or your own custom ones) and shift it to create that same effect as in Originals. I don’t think there would be an issue either way tbh!


OMG YES!!! I forgot about the emojis literally being available on the portal!!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Haha, np!

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