Would appreciate help with Greek characters

Hey!) I’m co-writing an episode story with wonderful @lgepisodes at the moment. The story mainly takes place on an island in Greece. I’ve already read a pretty good amount of articles starting from, well, Wikipedia to some random magazines’ notes. :joy:

If you’re ready to help me/us out to most accurately represent your country, I’d be very grateful! :smiley: (You can reply to the thread or PM me here, however you’re comfortable) As I believe there’re many aspects about the country and its people which make it most believable and precise and they are hard to find.

Of course, all the credits/mentions will be included in both Instagram posts and the story itself. I would also love to create edits for you as a small “thank you” for your time!) :pleading_face:




An awesome person was found! (Thank you!) :smiley:

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@Naya1 helped me translate a couple phrases in Greek, maybe they can help you guys with your story?

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I am from Cyprus but I think I can help!! We speak Greek