Would enjoy commentary on my story idea

Hi, it’s Toasty, and I would really appreciate it if someone could comment on a plot idea. The problem is that I always have a bunch of ideas, but I never have the actual drive to go through with them because I lose interest in it gradually. However, I’ve made some characters and left that story empty for several months, and I still like it, so…
Right, I know I can’t write with structure. Point is, I will tell you the plot idea, and I hope some of you could tell me your thoughts on it. Kinda nervous, but anyways,
There are two main characters, one girl, and one boy. Currently, I haven’t thought of any names yet, but as this is a little medieval-fantasy based (setting) I’m assuming in advance there will be a bunch of v,x,y,z’s. They’re currently OTRA (girl) and OTRE (boy) on the portal right now, so haha let’s just call them A and E.
Start of the story: E is the prince of an haven’tthoughtofname country, and A is the duchess of haven’tthoughtofname
E comes back after just hanging around an unnamed mountain doing army training and hasn’t seen his father, the King, in six years or so. The day he comes back is also the day they present medals of valor to the men who fought in an unnamed battle which resulted in their victory, which one of them is A’s brother, and the other being E’s brother, the (more) favored prince.
He rides into town and sees that there’s nobody there to really greet him, except for the people the crown has paid for face, and he sees that as the fact that he doesn’t look like the perception of a handsome face.
Is expected at the ball for the medal of valor men and changes, then gets into his carriage. His carriage scrapes someone else’s then, and that carriage happens to be A’s. He immediately thinks that it is romantic. At the ball, he gets ignored or has hostile greetings from his stepbrother and the king alike, and stands in a corner, but is approached by A, and they get into what they both think is an intelligent conversation. Not a story about him becoming king. He doesn’t become King, doesn’t want to be King. But this develops into them spending more and more time together, and eventually, they do get together.
I know I basically just told you the start of episode 1, but the themes here are basically:

  1. E is very, very self-absorbed, but he is also a romantic
  2. A is also very selfish, and she unconsciously finds herself superior to others
  3. E and A are both people trying to find audiences for the way they act in the guise of romance
  4. It’s toxic emotionally and mentally because they’re just trying to outsmart the other
  5. E only sees how people treat him, not how he treats the situations he is in (perspective)
  6. A would like to see the good qualities of her in E
  7. In the end, they both realize this, and it is an open ending
    And then there are also other characters which kind of add to the development of their personalities
    If you’re confused, I wouldn’t blame you, and I’ll try to explain it better below if you want.
    Questions I also have:
  • There is an illusion of romance, kind of? I’m not sure if this story goes under romance, or? It could be kind of a mystery, I suppose, definitely not horror, comedy, or adventure. I looked at it as a life drama, so I thought it would go under drama, but I’m not sure where it goes. Ideas?

Um yeah, that’s kind of it?

Haha, be as harsh or nice if you want. I really don’t know anything about the writing of a story. But I would say it is more character-based than plot-based, don’t know why I keep saying plot.



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Alright, I’ll get back to your story idea lol, I’m still reading. It’s good to hear from you. :smiley: :joy: :fire:

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Now, for your idea, I don’t think romance should fall under because it sounds more like a mystery, action, and drama. But, I’ll sayyyyy action or drama.

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@lanafrazer_episode! It is always great to see you! Thank you so much! And yeah, thanks, I think it would be deceiving people if I put it under romance since it’s literally just a story of life. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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