Would Episode approve an overlay like this?

Soooo I’ve red Episodes rules And all that shaz And I know that Episode doesn’t approve images with violence…
But I’ve seen some stories where there are overlays like the One I just made… I’ve Made about 7 connected to this one already but I was wondering if I should even bother uploading them cuz Episode might not approve but at the same time I’ve seen stories like this…
I’m totaly confused, so do any of you know if Episode will approve this?

I know it’s cut out real Bad but I’ll Fix it later

I don’t see why not. They would say this promotes extreme violence but the only thing that can be considered is the bruises, which is a face shape so… I guess naming of the overlays matter so you could name it “fun_love_hugging_00” or something.


Lmao yea xd
The face shape is INK original… The character has the face shape originaly, I mean. So I guess I Can cut the rest 7 out xd thanks