Would it be nice if there is a group chat full of Episode writers and readers?



Like it would easier for us to come together, talk, and possibly make friends within the community. Wouldn’t that be nice? :smile:


While it does sound nice :grinning:, I can imagine it getting pretty messy, lol.


I know there’s an Episode Discord. . . I think its still active? I had to delete Discord but to my knowledge it’s still up.


It would be nice, but EPISODE is mainly for writers and the only time we’re actually meant to be talking to each other is when we’re asking/answering a question or when we want to debate about a feature to implement into the website. But even if we do have a group chat, there are thousands on people on EPISODE, and if we all huddle into one corner of the website, it might crash it. Remember, the forums are newer. If they do want to implement it, they might have to wait until it’s a little stronger.



I agree, it does sound nice. I’ve always wanted to talk to other writers seeing as my friends don’t want to write with me. However, if doing this will crash the website I do agree with the other side of the party that this is not a good idea.


OH — I should of mentioned this before! At least on the computer the three bar lines at the top right have a drop down list with ‘groups’ maybe something like what you are talking about might be put in place there? I don’t believe it’s up yet


@ViviOfficially Yes That’d Be Great And… I’m new So I Need Help Around Here On How To Fix Errors And All. But Making Friends Would Be Great! Like Imagine Having Friends - Loner Quote.


For friend making, after the threads were closed on here we decided to make a group chat. It’s not super active but we have a few random chats a day about life and what not. https://discord.gg/dnr6Xsg

Take a peak at the pinned rules if you decide to join us. The groups main purpose is socializing and friend making.

Someone let me know if posting this link is not allowed.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: