Would it be too cringe?

So I’m writing a story where MC dies, after a few years LI gets married and has a daughter. I was thinking he could name his daughter after MC…
But then I thought that would be kinda weird…

What do you think?

(Srry for my english)


To be honest, I wouldn’t say weird. But 2% a little like a hmm moment cuz what if it’ll be hard for the li to have their child named after the person they married or something. But then again, in real life people do that.


Weird *

Ty for your opinion! : )

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Mmm I wouldn’t call it weird per say. Personally, it wouldn’t be my choice bc I don’t think I’d be comfy falling deeply in love with someone, then naming a child after them. It’d be switching from a romantic love to a parental love of a name, and may not be easy for the if their love died recently. Then again, it is a pretty common thing, so I don’t think anyone would raise an eyebrow if you did it. If you wanted to do something similar and side-step the issue, you could have the guy name his daughter something that his past wife wanted to name their child


Ty! : )

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Well it’s not uncommon naming children after the father, but I haven’t seen much instances where it happened with the mother, let alone the father’s ex

However, if you want to make the father name something meaningful to the MC, you can always name the baby after one of MCs parents. Like in Outlander, Claire told Jamie she would name their child after his father Brian … although the child turned out to be a girl she kept her promise and named her Brianna

Not weird at all

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