Would it bother you?

So I want a character to look a certain way because it’s how I pictured them, however there is another character that I want the reader to customise however this means they won’t look related when they are supposed to…

If I put a warning eg “just a heads up customising this character will mean they may not look like there family members are you sure you want to customise them?”

Would this bother you


you could do limited CC for that character so their skin tone and hair colour is the same / similar and then theyd still look related?

Not at all, especially when you warned your readers


It wouldn’t bother me. Someone already suggested this but I’d also suggest you do limited CC.

There actually is a way in the script to make it change for other family members as well when you customize that character but it is very tedious and time consuming and I wouldn’t recommend it unless someone has a working script already with all the correct coding. Or you can offer partial customization

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