Would like a few beta testers for new story!

I just finished writing/coding 3 chapters for a story I’ve had in the back of head for a few years.
Even though I’ve gone through each chapter a ton of times, I think fresh pairs of eyes would help a lot.
I’d also like to know if it remains interesting and would make readers want to continue reading.

There is some Spanish in it but translations are included. Readers can also choose the LI’s gender.

If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know and I’ll pm you the story link!


I have it under Romance for now

sorry not interested

Do you do beta reading?

Do you have a story?

Yes but only for drama genre

Mine one is in fantasy

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But I don’t like to read fantasy stories now
Previously I was reading stories with genre Romantic Comedy
But now my interest shifted to Romantic Drama

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