Would like a title page made please!

I am finally getting back into the writing and a lot has changed. I had to also switch accounts because I made all my stories for the past 3 years on my school account email and I don’t feel like re-doing all the characters and outfits/names. So I was wondering if anybody could make me a title page with my two main characters?

you mean something like this? just with information all you give me.

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Yes, except I’d like two characters on the cover and instead of a name, I’d like it to say “Not Even Acquaintances”

I’d like the female in the eye roll motion and the male in the laughing motion. If you have Instagram, message me @MistressK.epi since I’m not at my computer right now. And if it’s not too much to ask- I’d like you to make 2 other In-story covers besides that one as well :slight_smile:

oh so you want cover? i’ll text you on ig.