Would like an experienced coder (and perhaps other writers)

Hi everyone.
I am looking for an experienced coder and perhaps some other writers with strong ideas to form a cohesive authoring unit. We can set up a group chat, or whatever you guys think. I am absolutely open to anything, I must admit I am suffering from writers’ block a little at the moment!
My only specifications for the coder and other potential members would be:

  • Bring your own ideas along!
  • Take it seriously
    I have experience (as an English major) in US and UK English forms, I have practised publishing, editing and proofreading the writing and composition of stories.

Looking forward to your responses.

Lily xx

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I could be a co writer I am pretty goods at writing and making up characters the only thing is I have trouble spelling.

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I can help with coding :slight_smile:

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Dm me :innocent:

Dm me :slight_smile:

I have an idea for a riding project

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Riding project?