Would love feedback on my first story, "The Art of Criminal Profiling" (Mystery, choices matter, two love interests)

Hey there,
I just released my first ever Episode story, and I’m quite nervous about it. If anyone could give me some HONEST feedback, I would be forever grateful.

Story: “The Art of Criminal Profiling”

Cover Photo:

“Can Valentina, a successful FBI agent, decode a series of bone chilling mysteries before its too late? If not, she may just lose everyone and everything she cares about.”

Genre: Mystery

Style: Limelight

Customization: Limited on MC (Cannot change skin tone), but full customization on the two love interests.


Sound and music is used throughout the story.

episode link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5981529345032192

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/epi.sam.writes/

Thank you so much!


Ooh! Bookmarking, I’ll check it tonight.

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Thank you so much :blob_hearts:
Please be honest, I really want to know what I could do to improve :relaxed: @Danielle318

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I will read it tomorrow whenever I get the chance!! :blush:

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Thank you :heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @epy.dey14

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