Would love some feedback

I’m currently writing a story called AW: Desolation and would like some feedback.
A quick synopsis:
You are in the middle of a New Era take over. With the city, you loved destroyed and rebuilt with new rules, came factions. You are part of the Fire faction but there is a twist you find out you’re truly factionless. With the leader set out to destroy your family, you find what it is to trust and love again.
This is a choices matter story with CC and is in LL. You also get to choose the gender of your LI. You only get one LI but you may not end up together depending on your choices.


The story sounds great when are you publishing

I have 7 chapters published and 8&9 are coming out as soon as episode approves the overlays.

Ok im looking forward to reading it

Thank you so much. Let me know how it can be improved

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Does the story have sound??

No just because I struggled to get the music to stop exactly when I wanted it to

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I actually liked the story!


I love the characters you made :fire:
I’m so glad you liked it

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Honest and Detailed Reviews :black_heart:

I read your first episode to your story! And I…

LOVED IT​:heart::heart:

I wish I could read more but I kinda ran out of passes, so we’re going to wait. Really enjoyed it though!!

Thank you! I have somebody big plans for the future of it too. I’m go glad you loved it :heart:

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I’ll be happy to read it!

Just to let you know, I am pretty sure the Another World contest deadline has passed, but you can still write a store that has AW at the beginning. I may be incorrect.

Thank you!
I entered it when I published the first 3 episodes but I really like my story line so I have been continuing to write it instead of leaving only 3 episodes for readers.

Sounds good!

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