Would readers read a story with a sad ending?

I actually really like reading sad romance it’s more realistic in my opinion. I loveeee happy endings though, some sad endings are brutal😭


I think it’s just more relatable when we lose something in our journey to find something, become someone, just about anything. That’s part of growing up, at least for me, to lose something you feel important to yourself in exchange for something else.

It’s a bit of a sad goodbye, where you won’t shed tears, but you’ll feel that tingling in your heart, as if something’s not right.

I aim to express that in my stories :eyes: I don’t hate happy endings, but I do think they’re overrated :joy:


SAME :sob: especially if it’s reallyyy written well, ofc happy stuff is great but there’s something about sad endings that hit different :sob:

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Yes, you’ve explained it really well actually! That’s something I want to show, I hope I’m able to convey it properly :sob:

I’ve seen that for other things like books readers wouldn’t like it if such events happened in the story at the end especially where the character is losing and letting go of something that they wanted to hold on to forever, some reasons wouldn’t like this.


I guess that’s attachment issues :joy: To be fair, when you’re invested in a character too much, you won’t have the guts to pull the trigger, or even to allow something bad to happen to them. It’s like finding a soulmate and forced to break his/her heart.

Novels tend to span across 4 to 5 days, considering consecutive reading, of course :joy: no one wants the characters they spent so much time with just suffering.

Thinking about the things I’m doing to my own characters, I just feel dead inside sometimes :skull:


Depends on how sad the ending is. :wink: If MC or LI dies, I definitely don’t like to read your story, sorry. I don’t like to see characters die. But if there is something sad like MC gets a sickness she has to live with whole her life (for example) I don’t mind to read your story. Depends on the ending itself.

categorical. I love stories that have a little bit of each, and if the ending is sad, it will make me remember “that story”. :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


It totally makes sense :joy: can’t lie, I’ve been there before :sob:

This had me laughing too hard :joy::rofl:

I feel like I’m gonna end up feeling like this very soon :sob::skull:

But honestly, if your story is published I’d love to read it :smile: and see what kind of torture you put them through :sob::joy:


That part is kinda in the making :eyes: But the first season is already out! Here’s the link in case you’re interested.

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NO FR, that pain in your chest after


I would absolutely read a sad ending, especially if it involves death! The only way a sad ending wouldn’t work is if it doesn’t make sense to the plot. Listen - where there’s a story idea, there’s bound to be millions of readers who likes it; so it’s really only up to you to decide whether you want an ending like that or stick to happiness (which is perfectly fine too).


Sorry for the late response! But I’ll check it out :relaxed::sparkling_heart:

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It will be interesting!

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Thanks! It means a lot to me :eyes:

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No problem at all :laughing::two_hearts:

i’m late and haven’t read though the responses yet, so i thought i’d offer my thoughts!

personally, i like stories with sad endings, because i find them realistic. (depending on how “sad” we’re talking, though :rofl:) i mean, how many people do you know run off with their teacher-mafia-boss and have four kids? :disguised_face:

all jokes aside, i don’t see many stories on episode with sad endings (probably for the reasons you stated above) but i feel they’re something worth having on the app, mostly because it’s different! i know i’d be interested in reading a story like that. the last thing i’ll add is i think people would be more likely to read it if they didn’t know the ending was sad, although that can be a little controversial. :sweat_smile:


Yes I like crying LMAO


I won’t lie, but this sentence made me laugh a bit too hard :sob:

As you said, I also think such endings tend to be more realistic than overly happy endings haha.

Also, please don’t mind me but, Ghosted author? I really love your story sm~ :sob: :blob_hearts:


SAME :sob: It sounds sad I know but something about sad stories or anything like that just hits different

yes, i wrote ghosted! :black_heart: thank you, you’re so sweet :see_no_evil: