Would someone be willing to help create an episode cover for me ? (PLEASE)

So I am writing my first story and I would REALLY appreciate it if someone would help me cut out my characters so that I could create my own cover. I have a hard time cutting them in the app I use. Is anyone willing to help ?

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Send the detail

I use pixlr

Mostly use pixlr also are you using a phone

What’s the title? I’ll help you!


Thank you so much, I sent the characters in their outfits and poses. @linalilly10 @Episode.BriarRose

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I’m having a hard time too

If you can’t its fine. Thank you for helping <3 @linalilly10
@Episode.BriarRose are you able to try it ?

I can’t really see anything. You didn’t send them.

I mean I want the title!

Its called “Who’s Your Baby Daddy?”. But I just needed cut outs of my characters because I was planning on creating a cover of my own.

Oh! Okay! I’ll do that!

Thank you so much!

Here is the first guy:


Thank you! The other characters are higher up on the post, do you see them ?