Would someone give me some feedback on my art?

Hey people. So I just finished one of my first pieces of art, and I’m looking for some feedback/criticism (literally be as mean as possible please).

(also I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this?)

I know that her face looks weird, but honestly I spent too much time on it and I didn’t want to work on it anymore but I’m going to work on it more tomorrow so any thoughts would be appreciated!


Ahhh I love it!!! The eyes are insanely gorgeous :heart::heart:

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thank you so much!!

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So pretty! I love the attention to detail on the eyes! :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::heart:

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I know you’re probably feeling nervous about sharing one of your pieces for the first time, but I actually think you have some really nice things going for you already as a beginner!

For one thing, her eyes are really beautiful. Feel proud of them. And her lip gloss is so cute and has such a realistic-looking texture. I love the little freckles. :sparkles: You also have a good grasp already of what makes a pleasant color palette - aka what colors look good together in the same piece. :art:

There are places where you could improve, yes, but that’s part of growing as an artist! Growth in the arts always comes back to developing an eye for what looks right, what doesn’t, and learning how various issues can be fixed. But it’s so important to congratulate yourself on your successes.

What I think might help you progress is two things: one, learning more about some of the basics of lighting and shadows (it’s a common mistake even with the experienced, but the earlier you learn, the better), and two, experimenting with stronger lines around certain details.

For the first one, here’s what I mean.


See how the shading around her upper chest specifically is almost entirely the light color? There isn’t a lot of shading given to suggest depth, shape, light either falling or casting shadow. I can see you’re getting the hang of it though where her torso meets her arm and that’s good! Another place is her hair highlights and shadows. You’re in a good place to progress, really!

Tutorials don’t do much for me (I’m usually self-taught), but there’s a lot of great tutorials out there for digital art especially. Here’s a couple that looked good to me at a glance:



For the second one, here’s what I mean.


There are some very genuinely pretty details here (again, the lips), but I feel like they’re getting lost in the rest of the face or blurring with the background because your detail lining is usually rather light and/or not that sharp.

This might turn out to be a personal taste thing, but I’d really encourage you to try using a darker color on the outline of the nose or where her jaw meets her neck and see if you like it. I think it could really highlight certain details and help your art pieces pop.


I love it! It’s amazing :smile:

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thank you so much for the feedback, I’ll check out the videos you linked

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I love it!! The only tip or something else I could think of is maybe make some more hard lines on her shirt, it looks kinda blurry. But besides that I love it!! Maybe if you would like to you can edit/draw an edit for my new story? :wink:


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I love the details on the eyes and lips, I’d just like to take a moment and say they’re amazing :star_struck: buuut there’s always improvements to make.

Maybe make the outline more harsh, right now it’s blurry and kind of blended into the background if you get what I mean. A trick I use is shade the outlines andthen use an eraser to clean the edges so the drawing and colour seems more outstanding.

The shading on the hair could also improve, the detail is great but when you’re looking at it from afar, the hair strands are merely noticeable and the rest of the hair looks awkward from the lack of strands. Also try using loose hair strands at the bottom of the tip of the hair as well to make it seem realistic.

You could also work on the shading on her shirt, right now it looks a little flat, don’t be afraid to go a few shades darker, because it WILL honestly make a big difference and bring your drawing to life. But just don’t go overboard yknow :joy:.

Don’t be afraid to leave harsh lines. Blending is important but so is differentiation, it helps make certain parts stand out from the rest, this will help you with your light and shadow.

I hope I haven’t offended you and this has helped :heart:

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thanks so much, I’ll definitely add harsher lines as that is what others are saying too lol.

I’d love to, but beware I’m really slow. if you want, you can dm me details

Sure thing! Hope they’re helpful, but if not, don’t be afraid to branch out and find what works for you. That’s the most important thing. :yellow_heart:


Ay, looks good! :grin:

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love it it good for you first time as you practice more you will get better at it :slight_smile:

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