Would someone like to make me a couple splashes?

I would like to know if someone would make me a couple splashes, there’s really no specific requirement you can make it however you want. Uhm… I would like one for sound and one that says Warning, this sound contains mature themes and strong language., like I said make it however you want. I want to see the creative side of someone

First come first serve I don’t care who wants to do it if you want to you can, but I only want splashes from one person.

All I need is who the credit should go out to.

Thank You in advance!

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I can do it if you haven’t found anyone yet!

Okay! No I haven’t found anyone yet! Thank You so much!

Who should I credit, like is there a name you want me to use, or like your instagram?

Yes can you use my instagram it’s Amilian.forever


I’ll make the mature themes one now and what other ones do you want that I’ll make.

The mature themes one, and the sound one, like This Story Contains Sound

And okay, I’ll credit your instagram!

Alright since I live in the Eastrn time zone it’ll be done by 2:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

Take all the time you need. Thank You for making these for me!

If you still need splashes I apart of a the group Greek gods and we would love to help you

Not trying to be mean but someone already working on it and they do not want there hard work wasted so please earase your comment

No thank you, She already made it for me, but thank you for the offer

I’m sorry just offering of you still needed it.

Hey I’m with @Mimi0829