Would someone read this story before I publish it?

This is my new story I’m still working on it. Just looking to see if I need to change anything or if it’s any good.


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Thank you!

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Hi sweetie, I just read all 3 chapters of your story. I’m going to be blunt here. Your directing is below average. The plot is uninteresting, your intro didn’t captivate me, the story is too short etc. I’m guessing you created straight from the app? You should try using donacode, their web version. It’s more advanced but that means better animations! You can watch tutorials by Joseph Evans on YouTube, it’ll help a lot! Using zooms and plannings will make the story so much more interesting!

Plot-wise, I don’t feel connected to the characters at all. I find the plot rather random, I can’t see where the direction is going. Again, I find your plot to be cliche, the typical bad boy good girl stuff. It’s ok to reuse plot ideas but maybe you can try adding your own twist to it.

To end off, I believe you have potential in making a great story. Keep working and learning. This story won’t make the cut, but with practise and familiarity you’ll be able to direct an amazing story.


I do use the app. How would I use the advanced detecting? By using the portal?


Ok I’ll see if I can find it

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