Would these get approved?

Heya! I hope you’re doing well! I was wondering would these get approved?




Anyone can use them :heart:


I think they would. There isn’t any merch on it, so I think they will get approved :woman_shrugging:t3:


Just in case they don’t I have 10 more for back up :relieved:


Which ones? Can I see them, maybe?

I won’t use them and I don’t need them.

All 10…

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I think you can choose which overlay you want to use, as long as no brand is visible.

They look like they will.

Where did you get them?

Google :relieved:

They’re most likely copyright then. You should click on the image and see the website it leads you to.

They’re all png websites

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Tf :joy:

Free PNG websites?

That’s totally fine.

And so I thought last time I downloaded a car it didn’t get approved (it was from a png website)

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Which website was it from?

Episode can be weird about approving things sometimes.

It was months ago after that I was like FIneee I’ll use your stupid cars I don’t remember it was something png

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The only possible issue is the Lamborghini symbol on the tyres. But it’s so small it’s unlikely to be seen.
However, Google is not a good place to hunt for images as they can still be copyrighted.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a png site, the images still need to be free for commercial use or you are breaking that law, and using the image illegally.

HENCE why I have a lot of cars that are not from google :+1: