Would this annoy you as a reader?

So I’m planning a story but as a subplot love interest you are already with someone who seems nice at first but is actually in someways isn’t. You have another love interest who you have known for ages and has been secretly crushing on you since you first met.

So yeah this plays into my story a little bit but obviously it’s not my main focus but at the end you have the option to choose between staying with the guy you are with or being with the other guy.

Would the fact that your current boyfriend isn’t as nice as he seems annoy you. I’m trying to make it so you can’t actually tell he’s being horrible until you put all his little events together and then find out a bigger secret that he has kept from you.

Again this is only a subplot my actual theme is going to be a comical mystery.

  • Yes thats fine
  • No that’s annoying

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