Would This Be A Good Way To Start


Hey guys. You can also talk about your stories on here and get advice (I’ll explain)- but this thread is not for stealing ideas (you can use this for inspiration- but please don’t steal someone’s whole story plot) Sorry, very paranoid about that.

This thread is for people who have questions about their story plot… etc, or who are just scrolling through the forums to make their story better. Anyway…
I’m creating a story called: Milly’s World. Milly the MC is a 16 year-old girl who is VERY dramatic and sees herself as weird (I am a weirdo myself- and I’m not projecting her “weirdness” as a bad thing) I open the story by showing the readers an example of her being dramatic- or how she would view a very simple scene. I start off the scene by her lying on her carpet, just completely broken because her room is “Messy” I thought it’d be a good way to start off because it’ll say something about her being dramatic in the description and it really shows her personality.
I also use this time to introduce her family- not by saying: “Hi my name is…” etc, I talk a little bit about their family background and then have them sitting at a dinner- or “family meeting”
Is this a good way to start off my story? Would this pull you into the story?

Description (so far- may edit- WILL PROBABLY EDIT)
Milly is known as the typical over-dramatic-awesome-and-nerdy-weirdo. Even SHE admits it. But what happens when she manages to create her own universe- revolving around her over-dramatic-awesome-and-nerdy-weird story. And what happens when she gets trapped inside of it.

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Yes that is a good way to start I would read it right if you would have post it already :smiley:

I haven’t posted anything yet, I’m very far from that point actually. Just gathering ideas :blush:

Oh well let my know when u do🙂

Sure! Thanks for your feedback!

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Well, I do like the story plot, its seems fresh and not a cliche kind of story.
Yes, It does sound interesting and I would give it a try, but I feel like u need to edit the description, maybe add something more intriguing.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Yea, that’s what I was thinking :sweat_smile:

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Instead of talking about (narrating) her family description, show it in the way her family members act and what they say. Instead of: “Then there’s my brother. He’s kind of a jerk to me but will protect me fiercely. He also blah blah blah.”

Have her family members speak to her In a way that portrays what they are like at the dinner table. Then maybe a brief ‘from Milly’s perspective’ narration that says something about how she feels about them. “He tries to act tough but I know he loves me.” Or whatever.

Yes, I was going to do it that way. Except for the mom I’m going to explain that she’s a bad cook :joy:
That’s exactly how I was going to do things!

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