Would this be okay in my story?

Hi, so im planning my story and im thinking of having a conversation between two characters. But im not sure if one of the dialouge will be okay to add this is it:

ONYX- Why do you care?
ONYX- She deserves whatever she gets.

RAIN- Nyx, I think you’re being a little bit too hard on her.
RAIN- She’s your sister.

ONYX- Just because we came out of the same vagina doesn’t mean I have to care about her.

RAIN laughs

I think it would be okay as i assume most people on the app knows what birth is and how children are made but i just wanna double check.


someoneee reply

I assume it would be okay but I’m not entirely sure, you may have to censor a letter in it. :thinking:
Just do like vag*na instead to be safe ig

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It’s fine if you call it something else. If you call it something like ladies bits or something like that. People still know what you’re talking about. Lol :heart:


Yeh i was planning on doing that.

I have seen stories with a lot worse lol

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okay ty for your help!


change vagina, to like a mother’s womb or just womb.

u could still:


Okay thank you for the help. :orange_heart:


censor vag*na ,everything else is okay

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okay, ty! <3

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